Making the most of your time at the Compliance Institute

turteltaub-adam-200x200By Adam Turteltaub

For many first timers, the Compliance Institute can seem a little daunting, what with more than 2,500 attendees, more than a hundred exhibitors, and 10 tracks to choose from.  The key to success is thinking through what your goals are and what your personality is.  Here are some suggestions based on different personality types.

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The “specialist”

There are a lot of compliance issues out there, but you really are focused on just one or two.  You want to make sure you dive deep into the topics that matter the most to you.

For you the best choice is to follow one of these eight tracks:

  • Long-Term Care
  • Privacy & Security
  • Physician Compliance
  • Compliance Lawyer
  • Auditing & Monitoring
  • Internal Audit
  • How to Succeed as a Compliance Professional
  • Quality of Care

The “generalist”

You’ve got a lot of compliance risks to worry about, everything from the code of conduct to the more technical risks areas.  For you, the best thing to do is to pick and choose the sessions that match your hottest issues.  Use the agenda to plot out your plan of attack and ensure you don’t miss a must-attend session.  And don’t forget the General Sessions (see more about them below).  They provide perspective-widening sessions that will ensure you’re not just watching the risks you have now, but also the ones you may face tomorrow.

The “interactive learner”

You hate to just sit and listen to a panel.  You want to engage with the speakers and the other participants.  For you, the best choice is the Advanced Discussion Group track.  Each session is limited in size to facilitate conversations, and there are no formal presentations.

Instead, the session leaders are there to engage the participants in an interactive discussion of the topic, to get people talking and sharing solutions.  The only slides you’ll see are the title and for audience surveys using a feedback system.

The “networker”
Your primary goal is to meet as many of your fellow compliance professionals as possible, so when you have a question, you always have a peer in the profession you can turn to.

Start your time at the Compliance Institute even before it begins.  Be there on Saturday morning for the 9th Annual Volunteer Project.  It’s a great way to spend the entire morning with your peers and give back to the community.

Then attend the 7:30 Sunday morning SpeedNetworking event.  This event has a separate registration process (there’s no charge, just visit in which you indicate the experiences and backgrounds of the compliance professionals you want to meet.  The software then pairs you with the closest matches.  It’s a fun way to quickly expand your network in a targeted way.

Next, come back at noon for SpeedMentoring.  If you’re an experienced compliance professional, it’s a way for you to meet with the next generation of compliance professionals and start a mentoring relationship.  If you’re relatively new to Compliance, you could find a career mentor.  It works a lot like SpeedNetworking, although with a slight twist.  Just be sure to register at

Throughout the Institute, don’t miss the networking breaks.  From the opening reception on Sunday evening, through the final post conference session on Wednesday, April 22, you’ll have a dozen to choose from.

Many of those breaks take place in the Exhibit Hall. Don’t forget to connect with exhibitors.  Many of them have a great deal of expertise you can tap into.

And also don’t forget to attend the sessions.  You never know who you’ll sit next to.

No matter who you are

Don’t miss the general sessions.  You’ll be able to learn directly from the FBI all the latest on cybercrime and how you can protect your organization.  Let Professor Marianne Jennings expand your understanding of ethics issues.  Hear what it’s like to be a whistleblower from former Olympus CEO Michael Woodford, and get the latest from HHS Inspector General Daniel R. Levinson.

Stop by the HCCA booth to see what’s new and meet the staff.  And don’t forget to spin the prize wheel to win HCCA merchandise.

Spend some time with the exhibitors to learn the latest solutions and how other organizations are putting their products to work to make the compliance job easier.

Try a yoga or Zumba class.

Participate in our silent auction benefiting America’s Fund.  Spend an evening at one of the Disney theme parks (we have discount tickets available on the site:

And turn off your smartphone long enough to spend some time talking with the Compliance community.

See you there!


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