Lisa Beth Lentini Walker on Compliance Team Leadership and Collaboration [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

A compliance program is only as good as its team, and keeping the team operating at its best can be a challenge given the stress and pressure, observes Lisa Beth Lentini Walker, a compliance industry veteran, and CEO and Founder of Lumen Worldwide Endeavors.  The problem, she shares in the podcast, is one that’s endemic to the world of risk and partially explains the high rate of turnover.

So, how do you succeed as a team leader or member?  Fortunately, there are good guideposts for boosting job satisfaction, such as creating opportunities for growth and to have an impact.  If you can provide those, you are much more likely to have an engaged team.

Likewise, there is a need to manage the stress level.  If it gets too high, research shows, the rational brain starts shutting down and the emotional side takes over.  Fortunately, here, too, there are strategies to overcome the challenge.

Listen in to gain more insight from Lisa Beth as to how to make your team more collaborative and successful.


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