Love Always, Your Compliance Conscience

Dear John letter

Dear John letter

John NoceroBy John Nocero

November 30, 2015

Dear John,

The end of the year is here. It is time to get cracking on the 2016 compliance work plan. If you have paid attention over the last 16 months, this process should be quick and painless. As your compliance conscience, it is my responsibility to review where we have been, so we can plan where we are going.

I know you want to change things up, put your stamp on things. But as you put pen to paper, forget the policies you’ll write or the risk assessments you’ll do. That’s a given.  You need to ensure that you connect your team’s strengths with your performance next year. That’s your true core metric. To accomplish this, you need to delegate effectively and focus on high level thinking. I know, I know. Your people can’t do it like you do it. You’re the man. I’m here to tell you that you’re not. There are people out there better than you. Shut up and check your ego. Employees are there to do their jobs. Let them.

Develop them, John – develop them. Don’t pile on countless layers of work and say you got things done. Who cares? Did you get the important task done every day? That’s the question you need to ask.

The team will figure out how to get it done, provided your expectations are clear and you keep them on track.  Push them hard, but for God’s sakes, not so hard that you kill their morale. They’re not machines. They are people. Respect them. But reward them for a job well done. Keep them motivated to do their job. If you do, your team will figure things out when they get stuck. If they don’t, then they will come to you for help. And you will help them. That’s an empowering leader, young gun.

By focusing on the team, you will gain traction, both with them and the organization. There will be no uncertainly. Every item will be clear and defined. You have eliminated indecisiveness. Everything is clearly calculated. With this plan, you have also allowed yourself room should issues arise. They will. But your team is empowered. Together, you will be able to accomplish great things.

The secret of success is consistency of purpose. Prepare you and your team for the long haul. It will take time and a ridiculous amount of work. You’ve got this. Go get ‘em.

Love Always,

Your Compliance Conscience

PS) Call your wife.

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