Frank Ruelas on Risk & F.E.A.R. [Podcast]

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Frank and Kortney sit down at HCCA’s Compliance Institute to discuss risk and what it means to have F.E.A.R., including;

  • Why risk needs to be in your DNA;
  • The 3 elements of risk;
  • The 3 dimensions of risk;
  • The meaning of F.E.A.R. (and why it’s not scary);
  • How and why to say KNOW instead of NO;
  • Risk mitigation strategies;
  • Assessing your Board’s risk appetite;
  • Helping front-line staff understand their risks;
  • Reasons to walk the hall; and
  • Why you always see Frank smiling.

Frank Ruelas is a Facility Compliance Professional for St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center located in Phoenix, Arizona within the Dignity Health system. His ongoing duties include working with members of the workforce, at all levels, to help identify how to maximize the opportunities to promote compliance within the organization. Frank’s interest in New Employee Orientation stems from his position that compliance is everyone’s responsibility. A self-described life-long learner of Compliance and some of the specialty areas within it such as HIPAA and the CMS Conditions of Participation, Frank is always searching for ways through collaborating with others to identify effective ways to manage compliance the organization’s compliance program. If you find that the name or voice sound familiar, it may be because Frank has participated in previous HCCA webinars and has presented at several HCCA Compliance Institutes, as well as having a monthly column in HCCA’s member magazine, Compliance Today.

You can find Frank on LinkedIn here.

In addition, you can network with Frank and other healthcare compliance professionals on HCCAnet – HCCA’s dedicated social media site for compliance pros. Visit HCCAnet here.

Below is Frank’s presentation from the 2017 Compliance Institute:

You can download a PDF of these slides from HCCA’s website.


  1. Thanks for posting this interesting discussion. I was sorry to have missed Frank’s session on risk at CI — selecting from the many quality sessions being offered, based on specific organizational priorities and initiatives had me elsewhere at that time. Getting access to Frank’s wisdom, either in a formal session or informal discussion like this, is always of great benefit!


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