Ethikos Editor’s Weekly Picks: Promoting More Ethical Behavior at Work


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Promoting More Ethical Behavior at Work

Jena McGregor for the Los Angeles Times:
People share many different things at work to try and brighten the drudgery of office life. They append moral quotes to an email signature line. They sit little statues of Buddha or other religious icons on their desk. They thumb-tack quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. or Winston Churchill to the drab, gray canvas of their cubicle wall. Read more

Ethics and the Middle Manager

Kirk Hanson for the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics:
Creating a culture of ethics requires all levels of employees believe that the organization wants to act ethically in all it does. Emphasis since 2001 on “tone at the top,” one of the legacies of the misbehavior by top management in the Enron, WorldCom, Tyco and other scandals, has helped many top executives realize they must create this tone by their own behavior. Read more

7 Strategies for Employee Engagement

Toby Savill for BusinessZone:
Motivating and engaging the people who work for you shouldn’t require bundles of policies and procedures. All it really takes is the willingness to do things differently, communicate better and be more collaborative. Read more

My Entrée Into Ethics

Nancy Reynolds for The Compliance & Ethics Blog:
A class on ethics was my favorite course in college.  We debated issues of race, equality, liberty, gender, religion, and self-government through books like Democracy in America by Alexis deToqueville and Habits of the Heart by Robert Bellah.  Our weekly writing assignment asked us to raise and answer an ethics question based on our assigned reading. Read more

Respect is the New Workplace Currency

Louis Carter on LinkedIn:
Over the past few years, finding loyal employees who also produce beyond everyone’s expectations, has been a hot topic amongst talent professionals and senior executives. The reason you’re seeking this answer is pretty straightforward– you want self-motivated, productive and loyal employees who stay and produce more because they choose to do so. Read more
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