Christian Focacci on Artificial Intelligence in Compliance [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

We hear a lot these days about Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and all that it can do.  But it’s hard to understand what’s real and what isn’t.

Christian Focacci, Vice President, Offering Management at Steele Compliance Solutions, sat down and demystified AI for compliance professionals.  In this conversation he explains:

  • What AI is, and does so in easy-to-understand terms
  • The limits of AI: it’s more about making a lot of simple decisions quickly than a few, nuanced decisions
  • The challenges of gathering sufficient data to fuel an AI initiative and how to overcome them
  • How to use AI to detect patterns, in third-party vetting and even in reviewing your policies
  • What to watch out for when a vendor promises you that AI can solve your problems

The podcast is full of good advice for compliance and will help you better understand the broader conversation about the role of AI.

Listen in to raise your intelligence about Artificial Intelligence.



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