I Can Push Your Buttons, Well Just One

By Adam Turteltaub

Recently I wrote about why the HCCA and SCCE won’t endorse a compliance solution.  I stand by that, but now I wish that we would change that policy for the MicroBot Push.  It’s a gadget that you connect to a keyboard or to a switch, and from your smartphone, you can use it to push a button.

Okay, I don’t wish we could endorse this product really, since I’ve never tried it and only just read about it.  And I love the irony of being able to push a button remotely from a smartphone since few things push my own buttons more than smartphones.  I look at each text I get, even from my family and close friends, as an unnecessarily intrusive interruption.

But, gosh would it be nice if compliance people had a device where we could remotely push the buttons of people throughout the organization.  Instead of trying to figure out when you next get in front of them for training, or wondering if they’ll remember to do what you said, it sure would be nice if you got to push their buttons at the exact right time to remind them of the right thing to do.

Imagine if you hear a sales rep is heading to a highly corrupt part of the world, PUSH.  Every time a nurse or marketing executive with access to sensitive personal data gets up from their computer without locking it, PUSH.  Or maybe two pushes.  One to push their personal button, and one to push a lock button on the keyboard.

The fantasy possibilities are endless.  The challenge is to figure out how to make something similar that works in the real world.  Maybe it is logic so that whenever the travel department books a trip in a risky part of the world compliance is automatically alerted, or that the compliance department’s phone number is included on every itinerary.  Or maybe we work with IT to make it faster and easier to lock and unlock computers when people step away.

Amazon has those Dash Buttons to make it easier to reorder commonly used household items.  It sure would be nice if we could figure out a button to push for compliance, even if we can’t have a device we work from our phones that push the company’s buttons.

Or has someone figured that out?  If you have found ways to push people’s buttons remotely at the right time, hit the Post Comment button below this post and share it.  PUSH!

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