A Compliance Plan or a Compliance Idea?

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John NoceroBy John Nocero

Hermann Goerner is one of the strongest men all time. Surprisingly, he did not have a set workout routine. He trained according to his mood and varied his program to suit his energy. He never performed a workout if he did not feel like it, but when he did train, he left enough room to make changes if and when it suited him. This flies in the face of conventional wisdom and probably why it’s so darn brilliant.

The compliance practitioner can learn something here.

Much of what we do is dictated by our compliance plan. But we also need to be able to react based on arising risks or incidental findings. Often, being able to reprioritize is most important. I write a goal list of what I am going to get done each week, but some weeks are impossible to predict. You often need to make changes in real-time. Very rarely you can ever say you are totally locked in to a particular plan. Maybe it is better to characterize the compliance plan as a compliance idea – you are pointed in the right direction, but you are ready to make an adjustment if needed.

Goerner was always locked in when he trained though. A typical workout may be two hours. He worked fast and did not pause to “check his phone.” All his talking was done after his workout was finished. This shows focus on the training, while it is being done.

Another great lesson here too.

Randomly hopping from risk to risk – SQUIRREL! – guarantees minimal progress. It already is becoming harder to sort through what is actually important because some individuals speak as if they are subject matter experts when they are not. Many just always rely on other’s opinions as facts. This is ignorant. Don’t be ignorant. Stay focused and challenge the system.

Sticking with a plan doesn’t mean you are not able to adapt when the need arises. Both can co-exist. The worst mistake you can make it is to radically change the plan. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

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